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Stockton Public School Preschool is one of 100 Department of Education Preschools in NSW. It is part of Stockton Public School and operates 9am - 3pm during the school term. children can attend the Preschool the year before they start school.

We offer a 5 day a fortnight program for 40 children, in 2 sessions of 20 children over the week. We offer a quality play based program based on the Early Years Learning Framework.

Children attending the Preschool become familiar with school staff and have the opportunity to participate in many whole school events during the year.

Stockton Public School Preschool philosophy

In respect of children

We believe:

  • ​Each child deserves to be healthy, safe, secure, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning and development.
  • ​In providing a fun play based program that is developmentally and age appropriate as well as relevant to the children’s individual needs, strengths and interests.
  • ​Children are capable and resourceful learners who are active contributors to their own learning.
  • ​Children need opportunities to practice and consolidate skills in being a confident learner while working towards the outcomes as expressed in the National Early Years Learning Framework.

Therefore we:

  • ​Encourage each child to reach their full potential and succeed academically, physically and socially in accordance with their individual ability.
  • ​Support and embrace individualism as well as create relevant learning experiences that are specific to the children’s emotional, social and physical development.
  • ​Provide a variety of resources to support the child’s independence, capabilities and their shared responsibility in their own learning.
  • ​Implement a child centred program based on the principles of the National Early Years Learning Framework – ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’.

In respect of families and community

We believe:

  • We must strive to be a Pre School of excellence that provides quality education and care within our community.
  • ​Trust, respect, communication and collaboration form the basis for the strong partnerships between families and staff.
  • ​The needs of children, families, staff and the community are constantly changing and ongoing evaluation is essential to create a program that is responsive to those needs.
  • ​It is important for children and families to contribute their perspective towards quality improvement and service philosophy.

Therefore we:

  • ​Ensure that we operate within the guidelines of the DEC, National Quality Framework and National Laws and Regulations.
  • ​Maintain channels of communication with families, the school and the community.
  • ​Consider the child’s family views, cultures, values and traditions and the impact these may have on relationships, learning and development.
  • ​Have an open door policy where you can arrange to speak with staff regarding any questions, suggestions, concerns or comments.

In respect of the physical environment

We believe:

  • ​The environment should be appealing and welcoming to children, families and staff.
  • ​Our Pre School will provide opportunities for children to interact with the natural environment and promote respect and understanding about children’s responsibility to care for the environment.
  • ​That the Pre School should provide a happy, secure, comforting and stimulating environment that encourages children to explore, problem solve, create and construct.

Therefore we:

  • ​Provide colourful, safe and well maintained play areas that are predictable but also ever changing in accordance with the children’s interests.
  • ​Have outdoor and indoor environments where children can observe, explore, investigate, imagine and learn lifelong skills.
  • ​Design the outdoor and indoor spaces to encourage opportunities of spontaneous learning while supporting the various learning styles of the children. 

In respect of staff

We believe:

  • In working together to maintain and improve standards while respecting individual teaching approaches.
  • ​In supporting and assisting each other’s professional development.

Therefore we:

  • ​Provide opportunities for staff to share in decision making and to obtain feedback.
  • ​Provide a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • ​Provide ongoing professional development for staff.

Preschool handout for 2016 (DOCX 11MB)

Early Years Learning Framework (PDF 26KB)